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A wedding is a moment of transformation where you and your partner move from “me” to “we”. This process is often exciting, challenging and an experience of the full spectrum of emotions. A wedding celebrant can be your guide throughout this process; your relationship’s ally as you move through this new territory. As your celebrant, I would help you envision your ceremony to embody the character, power, love and joy of your relationship and to guide you and your guests’ experience of the wedding. 
I specialize in weddings that are as unique as you. LGBTQI weddings, spiritual but not religious ceremonies, weddings that combine religious traditions and weddings that defy norms. As a person who has searched for a spiritual home in many alternative ways, I found that a faith that has deep roots in tradition to be most compelling to me. I honor and respect the traditions that are meaningful to you and your family. Together, we can create a ceremony full of meaning and joy that reflects your own, perhaps complex, spiritual expression.


As your guide and celebrant, I draw on ny experiences as someone who had lived a deep and layered spiritual life and as a lesbian who has been married for over 26 years.  You are invited to read more about me.  See my spiritual journey and my overall bio for more of my story.  


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