integrative bodywork

We can learn so much through our body. Our body holds our experience of our life’s story – our ways of responding to joy, hurt and love are held in our body. Integrative Bodywork can help us understand this story beyond our cognitive, oftentimes linear retelling.


Living in a body isn’t always the easiest and most comfortable thing for many of us. Living in the mind can seem to be the stronger, smarter choice. Finding integration between the two can often create the most meaningful and satisfying life. It is the goal of integrative bodywork to do just that.


Integrative Bodywork meets you and your body as it is in this moment and assists you in your journey toward more wholeness. Using tools that have been proven to take you into your authentic experience of your whole self (mind, body, and spirit), Integrative Bodywork serves to help you heal the wounds that body/mind hold.

In our first session, we will talk about what your body/mind needs and how Integrative Bodywork tools can assist you. We can create an overarching treatment plan and then use this plan as a template for future sessions. However, the body/mind often presents different needs on any given day. This plan can change as we work together and get to know what works for you and what doesn’t. I will facilitate a process where we create a session-to-session plan as your needs change.


Some tools that I offer are massage therapy, Kundalini Yoga, breathwork exercises, movement, meditation, Thai Massage, and an energy work that combines Kundalini Yoga’s Sat Nam Rasayan with Biodynamic Craniosacral techniques. You may be familiar with some of these tools, others you may not. As I offer any tool for your healing, I will discuss with you the techniques and benefits of each tool for you. If you would like more information in advance, please contact me.


DukhNiwaran Kaur means

“the one who removes pain from everyone”


My journey as a healer began with my experiences in yoga. I began to do yoga as a way to understand how to stretch after exercise. It quickly became clear to me that I was looking for something much more than that after my first Kundalini Yoga class. Every aspect of the class spoke to a different aspect of myself, connecting me to my whole self; physically, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally. It awakened me to my body in a whole different way – I began to really respect what my body could tell me about myself. We chanted and sang which opened my heart to joy and my mind’s curiosity about words, language, and sound. We meditated which gave me the experience of the expansiveness of my mind and taught me ways to deal with my persistent thoughts. As a class, we talked, questioned and created a community which made me feel whole, seen and a part of something larger than myself.

From those early classes, it became clear to me that I wanted to share this experience with others. I wanted people to feel the wisdom of their body and the expansiveness of their soul. I studied at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy to become a massage therapist and soon thereafter, with the Kundalini Research Institute through Spirit Rising Yoga in Chicago to become a yoga teacher. As a massage therapist for almost 20 years, I assist people as they connect more deeply with themselves through relaxation, body awareness, and relief from pain. I have worked with a broad spectrum of people with many different manifestations of pain:

  • Office workers with the stresses that come with pressurized work environments and too much time sitting at a desk

  • University students at their gym

  • Trauma survivors including those who have survived torture at the hands of their government

  • Breast cancer survivors in an under-resourced neighborhood

  • LGBTQI people, including transgendered people struggling with living inside a body that doesn’t match their gender identity

  • People struggling with anxiety, depression and deep disconnection from their body

  • Parents and their children

  • Couples learning massage techniques to bring them closer to each other

  • People who just want to relax and feel better in their body

Using your body as a guide, we can work together to create a relaxing and healing experience in your body and heal the blocks that become obstacles in becoming who you truly are.