yoga and oneness

DukhNiwaran Kaur


integrative bodywork

We can learn so much through our body. Our body holds our experience of our life’s story – our ways of responding to joy, hurt and love are held in our body. Integrative Bodywork can help us understand this story beyond our cognitive, oftentimes linear retelling. Using tools that have been proven to take you into your authentic experience of your whole self (mind, body, and spirit), Integrative Bodywork serves to help you heal the wounds that body/mind hold.

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spirituality services

spiritual conversations

What is living connected to spirit?  How do I experience Divinity? Where is community that supports my aspirations to live according to my values and ideals?  You are invited to engage in conversation about these and other questions that touch your inner quest. 

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wedding & commitment ceremony celebrant


A wedding is a moment of transformation where you and your partner move from “me” to “we”.  Walking that journey with you, we can create a ceremony that embodies the character, love, power and joy of your relationship in a way that expresses your unique spirituality. 


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kundalini yoga

When you do Kundalini Yoga, things change.  What is stuck in your body and in your life begins to shift.  Moving energy with movement, meditation, chanting and powerful breath, Kundalini Yoga meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go!

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