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yoga and oneness

we're going through changes - you too?
this site reflects some of these changes.
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If you find yourself struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, gender identity, sexuality, work and career transitions or coping with the challenges we face every day, you may find psychotherapy helpful.  ​

I offer therapy that centers your needs using tools that are effective in deepening your connection to yourself and finding your own ways through life's challenges.  These include body-centered psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, ACT, emotionally-focused therapies and feminist therapies.  Virtual sessions available, covered by most insurance policies.  

Meditating in Mountains

kundalini yoga

My relationship to kundalini yoga has gone through a significant change.  My time on this path has been filled with joy and deep connections to myself, friends, students and teachers. However, the revelations of corruption, sexual abuse and neglect of children by this path's leader have led me to question everything.  I am deep into this questioning process, delving into heart-wrenching reflections and conversations.  I support you in your own journey and will walk with you as you find meaning in your own relationship to kundalini yoga.  

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Patty Sugrue (aka DukhNiwaran Kaur)


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